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The water I give will be an artesian spring within, gushing fountains of endless life

~ Jesus

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Coaching and Mentoring

We coach and mentor a variety of Christian leaders - pastors, church starters, organizational leaders, and nearly any kind of missional practitioner. Some of these are young, some older; some are in transition, some stuck. Whatever they are endeavoring to do or get through, we strive to help them flourish, lead well and move into the challenges they face.  

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Assessing Leaders

We design and facilitate leadership assessment processes to help churches, denominations and mission agencies discern the best fit for their leaders, Generally, these assessments are retreat-style, multi-day events led by a trained assessment team. We also contour shorter discernment events for individuals or couples. Our experience is particularly deep in assessing entrepreneurial leaders, including church planters.


Training and Writing

We offer training and curriculum development contoured to the needs of our clients. Ann's specialty is in training groups and organizations in how to conduct effective assessments. She also trains assessors. Dan's background and training suit him to help pastors, church planters and missioning leaders both to flourish and to lead well - see About Dan (scroll to bottom) for more on Dan's credentials and books.


Situational Consulting

We have many years of experience in missional leadership, having been involved in point leadership of grassroots initiatives (church plants and missional networks), established churches, and missional organizations. We have also lived and ministered cross-culturally. This history gives us latitude in the kind of support we can provide. We are happy to hear your story and see what we can co-craft to be of greatest help to you.

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We help missional leaders tap into springs that energize their souls and their leadership effectiveness.

Why Artesia ReSourcing ?

At its core the Christian gospel or "good news" involves an invitation into the dynamic community of the Trinity. That's why we designed our logo around a Celtic water knot, with the three cascading waves denoting the living water flowing from Father, Son and Spirit!  We’re convinced that helping leaders engage the life of God in Christ through the Spirit is key to their leadership health, growth and sustainability. At the same time, we are convinced that leaders can also find increased satisfaction and effectiveness when they draw upon the resources, wisdom and encouragement of others who have walked similar paths of point leadership.  We’ve named our business Artesia Resourcing because we are all about energizing leaders through both these means. 


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Planting Challenge 2: Point leaders define themselves more by what they’re against than what they’re for.

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