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Our Story

We grew up in vastly different cultural settings - Dan in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Ann in Vancouver BC. Our shared story began in the summer of '87, when we met each other on a missions trip to Mexico. In January, 1989 we married, and shortly thereafter, we moved to the Netherlands to continue missionary work under a large international Missions agency. 

In the early 90's Dan split his time between seminary studies and working with a new international church plant just outside Amsterdam.  During that period, we were blessed with two lovely daughters, and both of us began working with a church planting organization called Communitas International (formerly Christian Associates International).  Under this Mission and with Ann's help, Dan eventually led a team to plant an international church in The Hague (crossroadschurch.nl), which he then pastored for 7 years.  During that season, Ann took on the role of Human Resources Director on Communitas' Europe Team, an oversight body for all Communitas' projects in Europe. Dan eventually joined this Europe Team as well, where both he and Ann worked with other experienced pioneers to recruit, train and develop church planters in major urban areas across Europe.  

In 2006, after nearly 18 years of living and ministering in Europe, we relocated our family to Portland, OR.  As we re-engaged North American culture, we found our experience in post-Christian Europe to be highly applicable to the trajectory of the church in both the US and Canada.  In our ongoing work with various mainline denominations, "exvangelicals," and progressive-evangelical groups (including Communitas), we continue to focus our attention on recruiting, assessing, equipping and supporting missional leaders and church starters.  


Meet Ann

My ministry career began in my home town of Vancouver, BC, and now includes 25+ years of cross-cultural missions experiences. I have enjoyed exploring the world in such diverse places as the Philippines, Uganda, Mexico, as well as throughout the many nations of western Europe.  Over the course of 15 years I worked with Communitas International in successive senior leadership roles, which included leading the global Human Resources team as well as serving on the Senior Leadership Team.  In 2016, I resigned my position as Chief People Officer of Communitas to co-found Artesia ReSourcing.  I am keenly interested in seeing leaders flourish through roles that fit their unique set of gifts, talents and experience.  I have many years of experience in designing practical assessment processes that support this passion. In 2020 I completed training as a Spiritual Director with the Franciscan Spiritual Center. I love exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, volunteering in community organizations, and deepening my local friendships.

Meet Dan

I help pioneering leaders and pastors engage fresh ways to lead and multiply mission-shaped communities while tending to their holistic formation along the way.  Having worked for 30+ years in cross-cultural missions, church planting and pastoring, I know personally how hard and soul-depleting ministry can become. Using the language of Ephesians 4:11, I can identify with the challenges that grate on the souls of shepherd- and teacher-oriented leaders. And, I’m also equally familiar with the stresses that plague leaders of apostolic, prophetic, and evangelistic orientation. In short, my heart goes out to both those in nurturing roles and those in advancement roles - I want to help these leaders flourish and lead well over the long haul.

Some wells from which I draw:  I hold a DMIN in Leadership in the Emerging Culture from Portland Seminary, having written my dissertation on transformational "missional orders" (pdf here).  As a coach, I am credentialed at the PCC level under the International Coach Federation (ICF). I have also authored a number of practical books (available on Amazon) around which I coach, train and teach: 10 Pitfalls in Starting New Churches: Avoiding Hazards on the Way to Health (2020); Dynamic Adventure: A Guide to Starting and Shaping Missional Churches (2017); Growing Local Missionaries: Equipping Churches to Sow Shalom in Their Own Cultural Backyard (2014); and Grow Where You’re Planted: Collected Stories on the Hallmarks of Maturing Church (2013). In recent years, I've also fought through bouts of chronic illness, which has forced the roots down to find the kind of nourishment of soul that formal trainings, education and a strong mind could never deliver. 



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