Leadership Formation

Coaching Startup Teams toward an Inclusive Missional Ecclesiology

By Dan Steigerwald | October 26, 2021

  “The traditional church makes it quite difficult for people to negotiate its maze of cultural, theological, and social barriers in order to get “in.”.. and by the time newcomers have scaled the fences built around the church, they are so socialized as churchgoers that they are not likely to be able to maintain their connection with the social groupings they came from. So we lose contact with non-believers and we lose…

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Attending to the Deep Questions at Each Stage of Life

By Dan Steigerwald | December 10, 2019

“I suspect that there are different questions for every age in life, perhaps every decade. Knowing them helps us to deal with people sensitively, and it gives us a better understanding of how to build a larger view of our own lives. . . And here’s the kicker. As the questions change, so does the content (and perhaps the form) of our spiritual interests. The `questions’ often become our way of approach…

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